Cluster Security Manager

The Cluster Security Manager is accountable for developing and implementing an effective strategy to assess and mitigate risks, maintain continuity of operations, and safeguard personnel, assets, product security of Sanofi from any hostile infringements of the Group's interest within an area composed by several countries;
The Cluster Security Manager manages the Country Security Managers in his area of responsibilities.
To ensure protection of people assets and products.
Advise the Regional Security Director and the Country Chairs of on-going risks and vulnerabilities and mitigating measures to safeguard Sanofi operations in the countries;
Implement, adapt and maintain security and policies, procedures and guidelines to reduce risks, protect Sanofi people, assets and products and respond to incidents.
Keep Country Chairs and the heads of Sanofi entities informed about the security situation;
Set up and plan the Business Security Committee;
Ensure that implementation of security operations are in strict compliance with national laws and applicable local regulations;
Adapt awareness materials and campaigns to the country context;
Manage the Country Security Manager and coordinate the activities of the site-security managers' to ensure outcomes meet security and safety objectives;
Establish and maintain cooperative partnership networks with the main external interlocutors (law enforcement, customs, external local security partners and associations, among others);
Provide timely risk assessments, reports of incidents and activities.
To facilitate providing safe and secure work environment, the core elements here in after must be met along the lines detailed below;
In addition, the Cluster Security Manager gather all relevant suggestions or required changes he report to RSD in order to perform policies with efficiency.
1. People Protection
Give priority to implementing a comprehensive personnel protection system package that takes into account;
Local Security Measures: defining and implementing local prevention measures, including monitoring, follow-up and assistance measures for affiliate's employees that differentiates needs for categories of employees, such as:
Business travelers;
Non nationals;
Local employees;
VIP travel security.
2. Assets Protection
Supervise the implementation of the Physical Building Security procedures;
Validate site threat assessment, classification;
Control effectiveness of security measures and the level of training of the site.
3. Product Security
Detection: research, analyse, and distribute information relative to cases of all products security attempts (Counterfeiting, Thefts, Diversion) for all Sanofi entities;
Investigations: manage the cases with appropriate Third Parties and authorities at country level for ensuring results and efficiency in accordance with Corporate Guidelines and applicable local regulation;
Partnership with relevant stakeholders: contribute to dismantling networks involved in illicit medicine sales and trafficking by collaborating with all national relevant authorities in order to obtain their support in detection and action.
4. Information protection
Set up and maintain a strategic information protection culture for all the Group's employees by implementing procedures and adapting the awareness and training materials.
Experience in protection and security support, practices and trends in national and international settings;
Up to date knowledge of relevant laws and security principles;
Client orientation;
Rigour, discretion, relational capacity, proactive;
Ability to assimilate information and swiftly disseminate it;
Calm and reasoned approach, ability to prioritize and propose measures (preventive and corrective) adapted to his/her site(s);
Conviction and membership strengths to develop security culture on his/her site(s);
Ability to work as part of a professional network;
Influencing leadership through professionalism;
Sound knowledge of English: written and oral communication skills are essential.
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